quarta-feira, 25 de junho de 2008


It's good to be selfless and have empathy to those people in need. And not just feeling empathy but empathizing in action. Like giving to charities, sharing to others, and the like. When you are blessed with more in life, you might as well share it to the needy ones. As I was surfing i picked up a site called boat angel and it has to do with donate boat. I do not know how familiar you are with the act of donation especially boat donations for helping the less privileged so here how it goes. In this site you have the opportunity to donate your used boat and then it can be sold and raise money for various charity purposes. Furthermore if the boat is big enough and with funds gathered from other boats it can be used as floating hospitals. I have read a testimony of ship that had 6 full operating theatres 70 hospital beds and over 450 rooms. I must admit it's pretty impressive.
Bear in mind that the
Charity Boat Donations comes with a tax reduction. The way to do it is very simple. You call them or fill an application. Then you are sent a receipt and a disposable camera to take photos of the boat. The condition is not important although I assume that there must be some restrictions. After that they take your boat free of charge and if not sold in due time it is kept in a protective environment.
Other then do charity with the purchase or
Donate Boats, you can also find some DVDs of the Child Animation absolutely free, with its project website. Other then this, they also completed their AntiDrug use and Documentary Film Latest Anti-Drug to share with public.
What a wonderful charity that could have on this site. Even verhicle also accpeted for the donation. So why waiting for, there are many survivor waiting for your boat.

You don't have to have an incentive to help other people. The action by itself is very fulfilling and satisfying. Your money will be invested in various projects, such as Free DVDs. If I ever think of Donate my Boat I will first visit boatangel.org

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