quarta-feira, 18 de junho de 2008

Travel to Costa Rica with Ticosland.com

Do you like to travel and to meet exotic places ? Then you need to know this country of Central America, the Costa Rica. And to know everything about Costa Rica visit this site: Ticosland.com. The Costa Rica's leading directory its at this site Here people can find everything that you need so travel at Costa Rica, like that hotels, car rental, restaurants, shops, lounges, dentists, theaters and all the great places to go and visit. TicosLand.com Directory brings together more than 8400 companies and organizations and has more than 18000 registered users on your system. They offers many free services through their website. you will get free SMS Text Messages sending option from their site to Costa Rica as well as you can also send free fax there also with this web directory. With a nominal cost they also offers money exchange facilities if you need to have local money to shop for some souvenirs. All that you need to know about the Costa Rica you will find in Ticosland.com Directory. So, what you wainting ? Start now to plan your travel to Costa Rica with TicosLand.com.


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